Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Tuesday 26th Sept

I finished the weekly drawing tonight. It scanned a little lighter than it actually is. I am not too sure I like it, but at least it is done. I also did two more for the hunt; a glove and a squash.

I had tax class today, then shopping. Several stops and I was very tired when finished. Then Bible study tonight. A very long day.

I have a couple more portraits planned with the Derwent drawing pencils. I still haven't finished the one of my cousin and his wife, but it is close to finished. I just need to get going on it.

I will do my friend's two dogs. Probably separate portraits but I'm not sure. Since they belong to 2 different people who are roommates, I may do them separate.

Another portrait I want to do is of my mother-in-law and sister-in-law, Dani. Dani was a WWII war orphan. Her dad joined the fighting before the states was in the battle. He joined thru the RAF and was a pilot of a bomber. He was killed in his second trip out in a plane the 3rd of September 1942. Just 2 months after his daughter was born. I don't know if he even knew she was expected or whether he got to see a picture of her. The photo of the two I will draw from is Dani when she was a little girl.

Dani and I have been doing research on her dad. We have found out some new information. Dani was told very little about her dad. Her mom could not deal with the emotions when she discussed her husband, and Dani learned not to ask. Now about everyone who knew anything at all about that time has passed on.

We have traced his life after he married my mother-in-law, but we cannot find a marriage certificate, death certificate, or birth certifice for him. It's like he just appeared at about 25 yrs old. He would have had to be in the military service here and transferred to the RAF. I know he did some of his training here in Bakersfield. Probably update training. And this is where he met Margaret.

We would really like to find out more about George before he came to this town. Where he graduated, parents names, siblings, etc. An aunt did say he was interested in being a doctor. And we think he was a photographer as he talked about developing his own photos.

It is not so easy to get information. His death was in France and his military information would be in England. Plus he was born in Baltimore, MD which is the opposite coast from where I live. And trying to find information thru the mail is not very productive.

I wrote a poem for Dani while we were researching. Here it is:

War Orphan

A little girl so very sad
Lived her life without a dad

Now that many years have passed
She looks for answers at long last
The trail is cold and most are gone
Taking with them memories undone
Leaving behind a question mark
A lost little girl left in the dark

A little girl so very sad
Lived her life without a dad

Seeking a crumb of the dad she lost
Knowing somehow most things were tossed
Yearning and a sadness lingers
Information just beyond her fingers
Still she seeks and never quits
With hard work and heart that splits

A little girl so very sad
Lived her life without a dad

A step forward and then one back
Information there is a lack
A piece is there, a hint is here
But nothing you can get quite near
Each part she learns is one more piece
The end result, hopefully release

A little girl so very sad
Lived her life without a dad

Now a woman, now a mother
She faces the loss of yet another
Her son is gone, she knows not where
Left her life, without a care
Now a mother so very sad
Lived her life without a dad

Jeanne Grant 6-6-05


Katherine said...

Jeanne - here are a few websites which you might find useful for Dani's search if you haven't already

Links for Family Records UK

Royal Air Force Service records -

Royal Air Force Service records

Operations Record Books, RAF Stations

Hope this helps

"JeanneG" said...

Thank you Katherine. I will check them out.