Friday, September 15, 2006

Number 10

Scavenger Hunt #10 opened today. Hurray. I like that I won't have to wait in between. I still have one more item to finish for #9. But I am ahead of the game on the new one. I have already posted 4 items. Have to keep up with Gibson99. He was first off the blocks.

Hubby is out of town tonight and Penny gave up on me and went to bed. She usually goes to bed with him. And when he isn't home, she waits for me. But not tonight. She had what I call a "running fit". She tears thru this house as fast as she can. Makes quite a few laps until she is exhausted. Then crashes. She ran extra hard tonight so was ready for bed early. My dog groomer said that labs have tons of energy they need to get out of their system. She suggested us going to the dog park and letting her run. But I can't get around that well to go after her if she doesn't want to leave. When she is running and playing, she has no sense of time. Besides it requires a walk down into a ball diamond area and I wouldn't be able to get back out.
My foot doesn't bend that much. It bends down but not up. I would hate to have to back up all the way out of the sunken area. I have had to do that a couple times at theaters, and I am sure it looks quite funny to others. And I probably look quite strange. Not easy to do either.

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