Monday, September 11, 2006

Feeling Better

I haven't felt well for several days. I am feeling better now. I drew a couple items for the scavenger hunt and made an attemp at the weekly ref. The weekly ref is a statue head. I have never done one before. My first attempt was not good.

Today was a day for errands. DMV for transferring the title of our new used camp trailer. Hubby will be using it during his camping trips. And maybe we will be able to take a trip to Oregon next year. Now that we have 3 dogs, we would need some way to take them. Can't move 2 big dogs into someone's house for a week.

I found today that Barnes and Nobles bookstore is now carrying Moleskine sketchbooks, and other Moleskine products. Now I won't have to order them from ebay. I hope they continue to carry them as I will save about $5 on each one. Plus I won't have to wait for it to be delivered. I bought a pocket sized one. Now I have a spare regular one and the new tiny one. I had a cheap tiny book I kept in my purse but during tax class, I filled it up. This one has an elastic band to keep it closed.

I have Bible study tomorrow night and I have not gotten my questions answered. It is designed so that we will do a small portion each night. Well that didn't happen. I will be working on it tonight and tomorrow. At least it will be fresh in my mind.

The puppy is still doing pretty good when I am away from the house. I still have to lock her out of the kitchen and all other rooms. She gets the run of the living room and hall. She usually tears up a dog toy (unstuffs it) and chews up a plastic coke bottle. At least it keeps her busy. She still is lazy about doing her business outside. Even when I take her out several times, she will go inside. And I had it so easy before she came. I could potty both my other dogs on command.

Time to get busy. Another day is on the way. And Christmas is around the corner.

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