Friday, September 08, 2006

My soft drink fix.

I had run out of cokes and had not had one in three days. I also had not been feeling very well in that time. Well time to get my sugar fix. I went to the store and remedied that. I still am not feeling very well but the coke helped. And the cookies I also bought. (Shhh don't tell hubby)

Today I sketched the first item on the new Scavenger Hunt #9. On the list was an outdoor sculpture. Well no sculptures here, so while at the store I bought a small ceramic dog. It is not very big but could be used outdoors, so I drew it. That is the closest I could get to an outdoor sculpture. I didn't want to have to drive around, find one in a yard, and sit in front of their house sketching it. Doing that in this town could get you into trouble. A police visit asking what you are doing. Crime rate makes people really suspicious thinking you are casing their place for a robbery. I don't need that kind of headache. And statuary shops are not close to my home.

A few of the Hunt items will be a challenge. One will be very difficult. We have to do a self-portrait of the back of us. That will require maneuvering of at least 2 mirrors. May have to take some contortionist lessons.

I spent a late morning in bed. Even with that I am still really tired. Can't figure out what is wrong but it is zapping my energy. I can't seem to accomplish even simple household chores the last couple days without weearing me out. But...I can sit and draw. Oh well. Better than sitting and doing nothing.

I heard about some new Derwent pencils at WC. They are Inktense pencils. I went online and ordered a set of 24. So now I have that set coming and a 24 set of the Derwent drawing pencils. I may never run out of practice to do. Can't wait for both to try. Easier to order on ebay and get them sooner than to order from a shop even tho I have to pay more. When the new items come out first they are only offered in the UK. I haven't dared order from there as I am sure the postage would be costly. It's costly enough just here in the U.S. I still haven't taken the time to play with my graphitints so have lots of stuff to keep me busy.

sorrow looks back
worry looks around
faith looks up

Author unknown

Worry ends when faith in God begins. Author unknown

"I love you, Lord; you are my strength." Psalm 18:1 NLT

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