Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Yeah the weekly drawing is finished.

I was not looking forward to doing the weekly sketch this week. It was a waterglobe without the water with flowers and imagined leaves. With purple marbles jumbled around the bottom. I did it in black and white. It's ok but not real good. Glass is just not my thing. I have a very hard time with it. Good practice tho. But I am verrrrry glad it is over.
I typed a message to go with the one titled Full Moon Tonight but when I went to publish it, it disappeared. I decided I was too tired to retype it. And now I haven't a clue what it was that I typed. Must not have been too important.
I didn't feel well today. Not much accomplished. Just puttered. Slept in the evening until hubby got home from work.
Now the trash is at the curb, dinner over, the dogs fed and pottied, and now I get to watch Project Runway.

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