Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Busy Tuesday

I had a tax class this morning but she only kept us a little over an hour instead of 3. Didn't hurt my feelings any.

I spent part of the afternoon sketching several of the scavenger hunt items. I think I finished 4. I am on number 19 next.

I also spent this evening doing the weekly drawing. It is way too much perspective. I just eyed it like I do my elipses. They aren't accurate but I am not a technical person and find that part of drawing very boring. I just don't have the patience and have a hard time with the concept of perspective. Not that I wouldn't like to know how to do it. But it just seems to be an elusive maneuver that I can't comprehend.

My husband has asked me before why I can't learn how to do payroll time in tenths. It is something I have tried to learn and just can't get it. He said if I am smart enough to do accounting, I should be able to learn that way of figuring time. I just had my mom make a chart for me when I was having to figure our trucking business pay. It worked just the same and I didn't have to stress. Every so often, hubby will try once again to teach me the basics. But I told him my head is so full of info, if I learn something I am not interested in learning, something I really need might leak out.

I have found in my life that if something is interesting to me, I can learn it fairly easy. I was never interested in math. And I am not good in math. But I am good at accoujnting. And I worked for years in a bank. One day my middle school math teacher happened into the bank. She did a double take and asked the teller if it was me she was seeing. I am pretty sure if she had had an account with the bank, she would have moved it.

Another thing I didn't like learning was history and science. Mainly because they were always making us memorize dates and formulas. My mind just doesn't work that way. But I learned French, shorthand, and was very good with English. And I absolutely loved bookkeeping and accounting. I love troubleshooting and finding missing pennies. I love the process of back tracking and finding the pennies.

And I love research. That is probably why I like the internet so much. There is not much that you can't find on the internet. Sometimes I just type in a word or phrase in Google and go to each site that comes up. I just browse thru the sites and see what is there. I have found some really interesting things that way. Some I would never have found otherwise. Some that I wish I hadn't found also. But that is the internet. And I can spend hours just looking at different sites.


seastartrue said...

I think this sketch is lovely.

What the people in your life (mine also) don't understand is that something your brain just can't wrap around some ideas, or at least it take a while.

We were training a lady on a scan program and she asked me a very simple question that sound greek to me. I told her that I'd get back with her on it and later in the training it click what she was asking.

I think it's the artist brain versas (????) a mathematic brain.


"JeanneG" said...

Thanks. I agree. We were not made to be all alike. More interesting this way.