Friday, October 27, 2006

Don't plan my day

My husband has been off just one day and already I feel the change. I told him tonight that it is much quieter when he is at work. He has a hard time hearing because of the noise of the motor in his diesel truck. He is a truck driver and that occupation tears up the body.
The noise was the television. He has it up so loud, you can't think. I will yell from the other room for him to turn it down some and before long it will be loud again. Like most men he sits with the remote control in his hand. If I am to believe my hubby, the remote must activate the volume button on its own. He says he doesn't turn it up.
We have 3 more days of "togetherness". The first day he complained that I was not to plan anything for him to do that he had that taken care of. Well today, as I expected, he sat in his recliner most of the day and slept.
His plans for tomorrow are to get up early and get busy. Well we will see.......
I did more items for the scavenger hunt today. And I found the thread at WC for the Weekend Drawing Event. It looks like most of the participants there are doing the work in mediums other than graphite. But I may just join in and do my graphite. I can always add some watercolor pencil and waterbrush. The ref photos will be posted tomorrow night. As I understand the rules, you have 1/2 hour to pick your ref and then two hours to do the artwork and post. If not finished in that time, you post it as a work in progress. Sounds fun and interesting.

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