Friday, October 27, 2006

WDE 10-27-06

I decided to participate in the WDE this week. Someone posts several photos (16 this week). You choose one and do your picture within 2 hrs. Or post it as a WIP. I posted mine tonight with the label that I may do more than one image.

I am not getting a lot of response on the scavenger hunt this week. Not many people are posting and it seems deserted in there. I feel like I am talking to myself.

I have been looking at more forums in WC. I have been monitoring the Colored Pencil site, the Still life, sometimes even the Plein Air. I want to get as much time in drawing and sketching before I have to start working in Jan. I will have some classes starting in November for the computer program for the company I work for. Usually about 5 sessions at 3 or 4 hours a session.

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