Sunday, October 15, 2006

Not often bored, but...

Today I spent most of the day taking income tax classes online thru the company I work for during tax season. Way too many hours spent today. I finished one module and passed with a suitable score. Now (and it seems like forever) I have been working on another. I still have about 70 screens to get thru on the section I am on. I took a break for dinner and having a really hard time getting back to it.

I had been putting off taking the courses. But time was closing in. I have to have 30 hours certified to receive a pay hike. I still do not know if I passed the class I took in person. I tried to find out and still haven't received a phone call back. That means I have to take more classes online. I can't take the chance. Time is running out. I have only until November 1st to have all classes done and certificates turned in. I don't even have a clue how many I have. It is not easy to get information about where I stand for hours.

I took one class in Sept. Only one person in my class passed. I can still retake that one if I need to. But I would rather not. No one passed the same class last year. After a month or so, they lowered the % needed to pass but I still missed it by 4 points. Since there are only about 15 problems, you can only miss one question and still pass.

Today just for the second class, I have already taken 17 pages of notes and screen printed about 20 pages. All so that I have references for 15 questions. Then it is still hard to pass as the wording is strange trying to stump you.

I probably still have a couple hours reading to go to finish this module before I can take the final. Then tomorrow I will call again about the Rental Real Estate class I took to see if I passed. After that, I will either study to pass the first class in September or take another long, long online course.

So today I have only sketched a small vase with a ribbon on it. So not enough sketching for today. I would much rather be doing that than courses for taxes. But that is my seasonal job, and I need the money from it. The time to report to the offices is slowly arriving. Usually mid December or after Christmas. There was talk that this year we would go in early as the classes finished early.
When we first report, we have practice cases to go thru. A whole binder of them. We aren't supposed to do anyones income tax return until we have finished at least 20. Last year I think I finished 5 before I jumped in. At least it wasn't my first year. The firsdt year I didn't feel ready even after the 20.
The picture is of Bozo, our cockatiel. She is a character. Talks a blue streak. Has a whole vocabulary. One little spiel she says, even we can't figure it out. But she knows what she is saying as she will repeat it over and over. She calls the dogs, says their names, "hello kitty, kitty, kitty", "come on girls", hello pretty bird, what are you doing?, meow, whistles one song, and does a wolf whistle (like guys do when a pretty girl walks by), and tells us "hi". Great entertainment. And very vocal and demanding when you ignore her.

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