Sunday, October 22, 2006

Uneventful Sunday

Today was church, lunch, nap, some surfing on WetCanvas, dinner, and then tv and more Wetcanvas. The new ref photo for the weekly drawing is another person. This time a child's face. Should be interesting.

I did a couple sketches for the scavenger hunt. My easel and a bookcase for a piece of furniture.

I have been going thru my colored pencils. I notice everyone seems to use Prismacolors. I only have two or three of those. I have mostly Derwents. I have over time collected some cheapies. One set (I have doubles of all) don't even have a label on them. I have Liquitex, Crayola, Pentech, Ultra something or other, some two sided ones, Colorease eraseable, and who knows what else. These are just the ones I haven't really used much. I usually use the Derwent watercolor pencils. I am going to have to do some trials on all of them and maybe discard the ones I don't like.

I have some Pentech Pure colors that I don't like. I bought them at Barnes and Noble I think. I don't like them. I can give them to the little kids next door or the teens across the street, or donate them at church. Maybe when I decide I will have some more ready to go.

It's funny that whatever craft, art, or whatever your hobby is you never have enough supplies. The problem happens when you don't stick with one hobby. I was an oil painter. Then I started drawing.
In between, and most of my life, I have crocheted, knitted, and sewn. Then I went thru a calligraphy stage. I also tried tole painting, painting on sweatshirts, jewelry,and we bought an engraver for big bucks. That I didn't like. Too messy. Have to wear a face mask because of the glass and/or wood dust flying. And the dust gets everywhere. As well as the air compressor is noisy and scares me every time it starts up. I usually have a wobbly engraved line each time to show for it.
Now I would like to sell the engraver. My husband had big dreams that I could use my art and the engraver to make big bucks. I still think buying the engraver for me was a way of keeping me from being upset when he purchased his big giant ladder the same day.
Any way I have way too many supplies. Not just for one thing but all the others too. I have tried to toss some of the ones I no longer or hardly ever do, but when I do that, it seems my interest again peaks toward what I abandoned. I end up buying more of the same supplies. So I am doomed to store them all. Someday when I am gone, it will be a chore for someone else.

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