Monday, October 16, 2006

My Poetry

I Am Woman
by Jeanne Grant

I am woman, hear me roar
As I mop the kitchen floor
Wash those dishes
Smash those wishes
Never ending always more

I am woman hear my plight
As I’m turning out the light
Make those wishes
Shove those dishes
Take the kitchen from my sight
In Darkness
by Jeanne Grant

Today my world has been rather dark
Life is changing, future seems rather stark
How can I make the adjustments needed
Warnings were there but went unheeded
Sadness is touching all parts of my heart
Piercing my soul with a lightning-like dart
Peace I need, it keeps flitting away
I long for release for my cares of the day
My heart is heavy, my head in a spin
Wondering frantic which emotion will win
Too much to absorb, too much to decide
My body is tortured, a tornado inside
Lord give me the strength to endure all that I can
Don't let me stagger, help me make the right stand
Please keep me on track and into Your Word
Stay by my side, I need you my Lord
Path of Light
by Jeanne Grant

I awoke this day to a bright new sky
The sun is not shining and I wonder why
I look around, take stock of the day
Feeling that I might lose my way

Then up ahead I see a bright light
It’s so outstanding, what a wonderful sight
The light stays ahead paving my way
It is so awesome, takes my breath away.

Could that be my Father lighting my path?
Is that Him clearing my way with His wrath?
I know the scripture says He’s the light for my way
I know this is true as I see Him this day

I follow along with complete trust in Him
Not just wandering all alone on a whim
But trusting my Father to lead me as I go

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