Sunday, October 01, 2006

Start of a new week

We got our new weekly challenge reference early this evening. It's nice to see it early. It is a bird sitting in a tree during a snow fall.

I finished up some more sketches for the sketchcrawl today. One item was to draw my hand while it was drawing. Many were discussing how hard it would be as they have to have a model that doesn't move. Well I drew my hand drawing my hand on another piece of paper. I thought it was a nice idea. I was happy with it. If I had started it on a bigger paper, I could have had an infinity picture.

I didn't finish the last two scavenger hunts so will be doing the rest of those while I do this one. I finished one item on the last list today. A hot drink. I did a cup of hot chocolate in one of my favorite cups.

I received the cup from a friend at work. I don't remember if it was for Christmas, a birthday, or something else. But she got it for me because it has the picture of a Golden Retriever on it. At the time we had a beautiful, wonderful Golden Retriever named KC. She lived to be 14 yrs old and was a joy her whole life.

Golden Memory
by Jeanne Grant

It is that time for your final journey
Leaving us both with a sadness and yearning

You will be missed our golden child
You’ve been a joy from beginning to end

Because we love you so very much
On your final journey we send

We will miss your faithful eyes
As you wait for your next surprise

Your head would come to instant attention
When giving you licorice was our intention

Your longing looks at your papa’s face
Tears in his eyes there is a trace

You leave a void too hard to fill
Trying to forget against his will

Your jobs were clear in your eyes
Carry the paper no matter what size

Unloading the car, you carried your part
Always so faithful, such a big heart

We both remember the joyful times
Memories running through our minds

Never a problem, always a joy
Memories of you with a brand new toy

We must go on with burdened heart
We must go on and make a new start

Remember our beautiful golden girl
We’ll never forget your golden curls


Katherine said...

Jeanne - I love your drawing of the hand drawing the hand and the fact that you thought about doing more. That's real artistry for you!

And that's such a sweet poem about your dog. I smiled when you got to the liquorice bit! For me, the real love just shines through.

My friend Kathy has just started a new blog about her labrador family which you might like - I met them recently and they're a complete hoot. You can find her at (and she's in my blogroll)

"JeanneG" said...

Thanks. Poetry or writing is how I stay sane. It is my therapy pretty much. KC was such a wonderful dog and my husband had her cremated and in a canister. He said he wants it in his casket with him. I did the poem for him as well as for me to get the hurt outside. I have done one more poem about her and a few drawings. I guess we will always mourn for her. Jeanne