Wednesday, December 27, 2006


Well now we start the countdown to the New Year. We don't do any celebrating that day or the night before. Just a quiet weekend at home. We are usually asleep before midnight gets here. But we usually are rudely awakened by the dogs when the firecrackers start going off.
This has not been a good week. Our dryer stopped working. Hubby installed a new timer which cost $120. That was sad. Then he had to put in two other things. Still didn't work. The appliance shop said it would probably be another $100 part. Well by then it will be cheaper to buy a new one. But you can't take back electrical parts so we are already out about $160. Now we have to buy another. Too bad dthat $160 didn't go towards the new one. Hopefully we can get one before the new weekend. Laundry is piling up.
Here is a drawing I did for the WDE. It is Coconut and Mango. They belong to the household of JamieG who posted the reference photos.

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