Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Weekly challenge

The new weekly challenge was a tree with above-ground roots. Big roots. Ref by Bigs/Sue. I went a little bit looser with my style this time. I also used more than my regular mechanical pencil.
I joined the virtual Secret Santa gift exchange. Looking forward to it and the fun. Can't wait to see who I get to draw for. And in the end who will get me. The one big problem will be, I have to guess which artist was my giftor and have to PM artists until I find out who it is. Might be a problem for my drawing as I have had a couple people in the scavenger hunt thread say they are recognizing my style right away. I may have to go outta the box for the Christmas gift. But I want to do a good job so can't go too far. But I thought I knew some of the artists style and was fooled by the Halloween entries.

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