Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Help. I can't stop.

When the new Scavenger Hunt on WC started, I decided to combine items into still life settings. The first one I did was something the color orange. I found as many items as I could colored orange. Made a still life arrangement and then sketched them. Used wc pencils and a waterbrush to color them. I liked the look. Another item on the list was my favorite color. Well that is purple. So, off I go on a real scavenger hunt looking for lots of items that were purple. I liked that one also. So I decided to do all of my items as still lifes and as many as possible as color themes.

I have only done one other color theme arrangement. The item was for a decorative item that reflects the holiday we are celebrating (Christmas, Hanukkah, etc). I found as many red items as I could find.

I have already finished 16 or the 26 items and it is only the second day of this hunt. But I am having so much fun. I am having to hold myself back, or I would be doing another sketch tonight.

Thank God for his Son—a gift too wonderful for words! Corinthians 9:15, NLT

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