Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Mid Week

Here it is the middle of another week. They are sprinting by. Christmas is almost here and then there will be a new year starting. Where does the time go?

Another tax class today. One more to go on Friday. They said we were going to have fun. I will have to see it to believe it. Today we had a very nice speaker who gave us many tips on how to increase our client list.

I did some sketching today. A leg here, a cup, arm, back, a couple of faces, and my ever ready hand. I can't remember how many drawings I have done of my hand and fingers. In about every position. I guess it is because a hand is always with you, and "hand"y, and doesn't mind posing.

I had several entries for the scavenger hunt yesterday. I tried to do some in color. I also worked on my secret santa gift and made two starts but was not happy with either. I will back off of it and start another in a couple days after a rest from it.

Hubby out of town till Friday night so I don't have to cook. I made some bean and cheese burritos last night and will have one of those for dinner. Tonight is the show Top Chef. I enjoy watching it to see who will be sent home. I watch several of the reality shows and a lot of the police and law shows. Since my tv is behind me when I am in my office, I do more listening than watching, but the tv is always playing. Plus I have my bird in here and she keeps me entertained. Talks up a storm. Repeats things many times trying to get me to say them.

I still haven't done the weekly challenge. It is a choice between 4 cats. I did get the WDE done so I think I am good till Friday when another is posted.

It's time to get some drawing started. I was up all night doing a class for taxes on the computer. I may need to take a nap before my show comes on at 10 pm. My eyes are heavy now with a touch of a headache. I had better get some sketching done before I totally fade.

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