Friday, December 29, 2006

Last few days of freedom

I start work on Tuesday. Just 4 hrs a day but time away from my drawing. I went to the office today for a couple hours to meet our new manager and work thru a couple sample cases to get used to the new screens in the software program. Looks like it will be a little easier this year. The changes seem for the better.I finished the Weekly drawing of a foggy tree/lake scene. Received the 16 new reference photos for the WDE. I have chosen some and now have to draw them. The ones I like best are all faces. Seems no onel else has chosen those so far. If I do them all, I will have my hands full. Two children, a husband, and a dog. That is a lot for a week. Then there were a couple sheep, a bench with a line of green apples. A lot of good photos provided.I have finished 15 items on the scavenger hunt this time. I provided the list. No one has signed up to host any future ones. I prepared two more lists tonight so that we won't have to stop the hunts. I may search online for other lists to help me out. But I want them to continue even if I have to do all the lists.

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