Friday, December 01, 2006

Munching Seeds

I sit here munching on sunflower seeds with my mouth getting puckered from the salt. Dinner is finished, the dogs fed and sacked out, hubby in his recliner, and me sitting here with my computer. Tis the season where there is nothing on tv but reruns or specials. I am not ready for Christmas specials yet. Some of the readio stations are playing Christmas songs already. I could probably handle two weeks of non stop Christmas songs but a whole month? A little much.

We aren't putting up decorations this year. With Penny the 1 yr old pup, that would be a disaster. I can see the floor now. Pieces of Christmas tree, ornaments and lights and wires stripped and all over the floor. No little kids around here so we will pass on the decorations this year. Next year we will see.

Last week a man was mailing all his Christmas cards. Wow what an early start. I haven't even thought about mine yet. Maybe I am just not in the spirit for celebrating this year.

I finished the scavenger hunt items today. And all the challenges. And two days early. Ready for the next one. We have lost a few who were doing them. Now seems there are less than 10 people participating. I don't know what happened to chouchou. But I miss her. Maybe after the holidays more people will join in again.

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