Sunday, December 17, 2006


Today we went to church, then to lunch, then back to church for a funeral. The funeral was for one of my husband's grade school teachers that he really liked.

Tonight is really cold. Not cold by Alaska cold, but cold for Bakersfield. I am drinking iced lemonade. Go figure. It seems funny but we seem to want ice cream in the winter more than the summer. Maybe that is so we can cuddle up with a warm blanket.

The dogs are fed and pottied. Now they will settle down for a bit. When their papa goes to bed, they will beat him to his spot in bed. They have to be nudged over. Then when I go to bed, the same game starts again. I have to roll two big dogs from my spot so that I can crawl into bed.

I did a couple scavenger hunt items last night but none yet tonight. I did finish and post my weekly drawing of a cat. I wasn't too pleased with my cat but posted any way. Have to show the bad as well as the good.


C. Ousley said...

Hey, I like the drawing. Kitty has personality.

"JeanneG" said...

Thank you c.ousley