Tuesday, May 22, 2007


I was playing around with some new art cards today. I did three. One was from a ceramic owl I borrowed from my mom. I have another one with two owls. I will do that one also. I didn't follow it exactly. Just did my own thing with it.
The two cards with trees are from a lesson I found online. I added color this morning and really like the look I got.
Tomorrow is plein air day. Keene Ranch. It is a private ranch and we had to get permission to go there. We will meet with the guide at 9am and she will lead us to the site where we will do our art. From what I understand there are barns and buildings there. Later there is a possibility that we will be shown some other sites. As usual I will get many pictures. I am not limited to 34 shots now as I got my new card. Now I can get 154. Still not as many as the newer ones, but lots more than 34.
Looking forward to the outing. The time always flies. And I am getting to know these very nice ladies more each time. There was no problem fitting in.
I am at a standstill with my hubby's portrait. I can't seem to get past the perspective thing. I may have to put it aside and not finish. I'll think about it for awhile.
I'm anxious to see if there will be another art card trade project. Rose said she would be unable to host one. The last one won't be over till the end of the year. I think the 2nd is over in June or July. There are still a few people I would like to make a trade with, even if not thru a project. I admire their art so much. I just know they are so busy already that I haven't approached them about a trade. I have made couple or so side trades with some of the ones in the first project which I wasn't a part of. Also I had a request by an English artist and we made a trade. She does very nice artwork. I haven't had any contact with her lately so will have to make another visit to her site.
I ran errands about noon. Picked up pills, new knobs for the shower, milk, and then came home. Had lunch and that's about all I have gotten done. Almost took a nap but then the day would be gone. Dinner is leftover from last night. A roasted chicken I picked up at Costco.
Well time to do some art instead of writing or reading about it.


-N- said...

Hi Jeanne- Happy (belated?) birthday! I'm in the other ATC project at WC, I'll make a trade with you if you remind me at the end of June- I'm heading off tomorrow on a work trip and won't be back until then.

Jo Castillo said...

Hi Jeanne, these trees are very good. Especially with the color. The owl has attitude! Congrats. We can trade something when I get back home in a couple of weeks. I did some small trees for Christmas, not Christmas trees, I don't do the cards.


Joan said...

I've never done any ATCs, but I thought about trying it when they posted the info on WetCanvas. I just wasn't sure I could do that many small works. It is an idea. These came out great. My favorite is the tree in color. Hope to see what you do at the ranch. It sounds like a great place.

"JeanneG" said...

I would love to do trades with all 3 of you. Joan just cut a piece of watercolor paper the size and jump in.

"JeanneG" said...

I would love to do trades with all 3 of you. Joan just cut a piece of watercolor paper the size and jump in.