Monday, May 21, 2007

My Birthday

Today I wrote my usual yearly birthday poem. It usually pokes fun at how things are going in my life. I also wrote a spiritual one which is something I have been letting sit on the back burner for quite some time.
I tried to post my poem on the Crossway Publications site (I have other poems there), but it has been so long since I visited the site, I can't remember my username or password. I have been looking in my "book of everything computer" and no luck yet. So for now, the poem with just be posted here.
Nothing exciting today. I shopped, came home and took a long nap. Knee was complaining when I woke, and hubby showed up from work shortly after. He brought home a cake for me. So I had my chocolate fix for today.
Later this evening my nephew came by. He brought a large slice of cake that he got from my mom's house. Also brought me a very thoughtful card that pretty much sums up our relationship (friend, aunt, and extra mom). He brought me a gift card from Officemax. Does he know me or what? I love office supply stores. I can spend hours in one.
When he was younger, I took him with me and he loved them too. A lot of his gifts were office supplies. He got them over and over again. He probably could have started his own store at a young age. I think he has outgrown that now. He now is very focused on his job and making advancements in that. He doesn't want to just exist. He wants to prosper and have a rewarding career. He will turn 21 next month and is such a good , nice, capable, dependable, and sweet young man.
Here are my poems:
May 21, 2007

Here it is that dreaded day
My yearly bane, it’s my birthday

I look back with smarter eyes
I’m wizer now, I realize

Seems only yesterday I entered 50
But now sliding forward into 60

Getting older I should not mind
Even tho age can be unkind

The wrinkles come and health says bye
The pounds pile on I don’t know why

The foods I eat, the cokes I drink
The taste so good, the calories stink

There’ll be a time when life is cruel
When I may forget and I may drool

But until then, I’ll do my best
Before I take my final rest

Jeanne Grant
Our Gift

God is my comforter, of that I’m sure
He gave His son who was so pure
To take the burden of all our sins
So our new life we can begin

He suffered pain for you and me
His pain displayed for all to see
Our needs put first and His were last
His death was sealed our future cast

Upon that cross our lives were saved
Our past behind, our future paved
The greatest gift for us to take
A gift we all should not forsake

Jeanne Grant 5-21-07


Joan said...

Jeanne, These are the first poems of yours that I've seen. They are wonderful. The second is so spiritual. It's wonderful that you can express that so well. The first one sounds like it sums up most of our lives. It did make me smile and chuckle. Thanks for sharing these very private emotions.

"JeanneG" said...

Thanks Joan. Some of my poems are interspersed with art in my older postings. Also you can see more on the Crossway publications link I have. Lots of wonderful spiritual poetry there. You will find mine under my name.

Paulette said...

I had to come check out what you blog about. I love your birthday poem! I enjoyed looking at your sketches and pictures, I'll have to look some more later.