Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Mixed seasons.

At the plein air outing last week, the hostess' cat Gypsy had a catnap in the catnip.
Well the day started out warm and pretty hot. I did some errands and made it home around 4 pm. A little while later the wind started blowing very hard and the skies became overcast. No rain so far but the wind is still fierce.
This year the weather has been really crazy. You can't really tell what time of year it is. Just when you think it is spring or summer, the weather takes a turn back toward winter. Makes for a hard decision on selecting clothes for the day.
Some people would be surprised at Bakersfield "costumes". You will see people in sweaters at the oddest times and shorts with sweatshirts even during the winter.
Inside offices the men wear suits and keep the air conditioning going full blast while the women in dresses or shirts and pants have sweaters on to keep warm.
When I worked at a bank, I would forget to take my sweater off when I left the office for lunch. Tell me how weird I looked with a sweater on when I walked out into 108 degree F. Then I would forget to bring back my sweater, and I would freeze the rest of the day. But being Bakersfield born and raised, it is the way I am used to, and a 4-year stay in Oregon made it clear that I don't want it any other way.


Jo Castillo said...

Hi Jeanne,
Kind of the same situation here. Very casual and a little of everything. I always freeze in restaurants, still.

Your post gave me a smile for the day.


"JeanneG" said...

Thanks Jo. Kind of nice to reminisce once in awhile.