Saturday, May 26, 2007

A Day of Rest

I finally did the drawing for the Weekly Challenge this week. I had not participated for several weeks. Feels good to get one done.

I visited my parents today. They had several more new blooms to photograph. I got a beautiful photo of a large sunflower and a large very pretty bloom on a cactus. The cactus has several more buds but the blooms only last one day. I ended up taking about 55 photos of just different things.

The weather was in the 80s today. My nephew picked a hot one to put in a new lawn for his grandparents. When I got there he was hard at work raking out the roots and debris. When I left he had spread the mulch and the seed and was watering. He has been really working hard trying to make a nice yard for them.


ACEO's By Rose said...

Hi Jeanne,

I recognize that lock... that's the same photo ref I did for Joel on one of our projects! Great job!!!

BTW, I finally got around to doing the tag. Another girl (Madelaine) tagged me too! :)

Happy Memorial Day! Rose

Joan said...

I'm glad you're taking lots of reference photos. I expect to see something from them. I've been so busy with the WDE and the scavenger hunts that I'm not getting to visit blogs as often. I'm slowly catching up.