Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Plein air outing tomorrow

Tomorrow is the weekly outing with the plein air group. I found a new and cheap chair that is very light weight. Hubby had a fold-up table of the same light material that he wasn't using in his camping gear. And I pared my supplies way down so I can carry them easier. Both the chair and table have carriers with slings. Will have to carry a small ice chest also with potluck stuff. But we will be at a private house in the garden. Hopefully I won't have to walk far from the parking area.

I found out from a lady in the group that she takes a watercolor class. I don't know why, her stuff is beautiful. She asked her teacher if he will take a beginner. He said yes. So in the fall, I will be taking a watercolor class. I hope it doesn't interfere with my Bible study class or my tax classes. I really want to take the watercolor class. I have tried to learn on my own, but it just has not happened.

Hopefully some structured time in a class will help.

My latest scavenger hunt item.

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