Sunday, May 13, 2007


Today was an uneventful day. Hubby didn't have to work this weekend even tho he was on call. We did make it to church. We have been missing way too many Sundays.
He had to go to work this evening and work all night. Not fun for him at his age. It's hard for his body to adjust to changes like that. Now tomorrow when he gets in, he will have a hard time sleeping. Sometimes the noise from neighbors keep him up and sometimes the dogs won't leave him alone as they missed him. Just like kids, try keeping them quiet when someone wants to sleep.
I plan to go find a new camera card with more memory. Taking pictures at the plein air outings, I want to take as many pictures as I want. Right now I am limited to about 34. If I make a couple mistakes, I don't know how to erase just one or two. I should learn how to do that. But the last time I tried at an outing, I lost all my photos. I did have a card that held 254 but when I used one of those attachments to download, it deleted my whole card and I didn't have my receipt. I even had my computer repair person try to fix it and nothing.
I also need to get some bigger good paper for Armin's class. It is supposed to be no smaller than 14x18 and the only paper I have that size is sketchpad paper. I also need a smaller drawing board to take on the outings with me. The one I have is way too large.

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