Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Project finished

I sent off my last 7 art cards today. The cards are off to new homes. We had until the end of the year to finish the project. The last one I did, I finished in two months. This one I tried to take my time. But I decided to finish it off. Just in time before the postage rates are higher.
I have been looking for my Old Masters Project. I changed my desk and packed some things in boxes. Now I can find the drawing I was doing. I know it is here somewhere but where? I have looked and looked and tried to figure out in my mind where it might be. No luck so far. I may have to make a copy and finish the drawing from that. Not my favorite option but better than starting over.
I ran errands today. Came home and had a long nap. Now here I am at 2:30 am and still awake. I have a veterinary appt at 10 so hopefully I will be able to rouse myself in time for that.
Wednesday is the Plein Air outing. It will be my second. Looking forward to it. I even bought a hat to keep the sun off my face. Supposed to be really hot. I hope there are some trees to sit under.
Well time for bed. The dog has already come for me. She goes to bed with her Papa and sleeps for awhile. Then she starts coming in to the office/studio every so often. Then back to bed. About 2-3 am she will get really pesty and won't leave me alone until I go to bed. As soon as I lie down, she goes to sleep and doesn't rouse the rest of the night. She wants all her chicks in the same place so she doesn't have to worry. When we are all in the same spot, she can relax and sleep. I think she worries if I am up that I will either go somewhere without her or eat something she won't get a piece of. The dog dearly loves to eat.

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