Thursday, May 31, 2007

Old Masters Project

I finished my Old Masters Project. I had lost my original drawing. Tore the house apart looking for it with no luck. Finally had to make a copy on some drawing paper and finished that one. Now I will probably find the drawing. But I was driving myself crazy looking for it. Now I can forget it.

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Plein air outing

Today was my day for art with the plein air group. We went to an old house that has been turned into a restaurant. It is run all by volunteers. They have a different menu for each day and serve only lunch. We were invited to use the grounds for our art and eventually the artwork will be shown inside. With an auction/fundraiser later in the year.

The Guild House Restaurant ( provided us with a "mini" lunch of soup, muffin, and iced tea. Monthly menus ( It was really good. And the smells while we were outside were fabulous. Lots of shade trees and a nice refreshing breeze. Many of the lovely ladies having lunch there stopped to look at the artwork. In fact I saw one of my teachers from high school. She taught English Literature. Nice to see her again.

I did two sketches. One of the front of the house which was a perspective nightmare and the second was the brick flowerbed along the walkway.

Monday, May 28, 2007

Mom's Sunflower

Here is a drawing from one of the sunflower photos I took at my mom's house. It was so pretty standing tall against the blue sky. It may be many years before I get drawings from all the photos I have taken this last month. But it is so nice having so many photo references.

It was hot today. I stayed inside most of the day. We did have to go buy dog food, so while there we also got a new cage for Bozo. I have a bite on my thumb for my efforts catching her to put in the new cage. She is now there and getting used to it.

Tomorrow I have nothing planned. I need to do some housework before the outing on Wed.

Saturday, May 26, 2007

A Day of Rest

I finally did the drawing for the Weekly Challenge this week. I had not participated for several weeks. Feels good to get one done.

I visited my parents today. They had several more new blooms to photograph. I got a beautiful photo of a large sunflower and a large very pretty bloom on a cactus. The cactus has several more buds but the blooms only last one day. I ended up taking about 55 photos of just different things.

The weather was in the 80s today. My nephew picked a hot one to put in a new lawn for his grandparents. When I got there he was hard at work raking out the roots and debris. When I left he had spread the mulch and the seed and was watering. He has been really working hard trying to make a nice yard for them.

In a Slump or just lazy

I haven't been accomplishing anything lately. Pretty much since I started going on the plein air outings. I usually do several sketches and I have finished one watercolor pencil painting that I was pleased with. But other than that, I have been slacking with all the regular forums at WC that I usually participate in.
I have so much I want to do but nothing seems to get done. I have a lot of new photos from my outings. But....
Here are some photos I took at the ranch we visited on Wednesday and the sketch I did that day.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007


I was playing around with some new art cards today. I did three. One was from a ceramic owl I borrowed from my mom. I have another one with two owls. I will do that one also. I didn't follow it exactly. Just did my own thing with it.
The two cards with trees are from a lesson I found online. I added color this morning and really like the look I got.
Tomorrow is plein air day. Keene Ranch. It is a private ranch and we had to get permission to go there. We will meet with the guide at 9am and she will lead us to the site where we will do our art. From what I understand there are barns and buildings there. Later there is a possibility that we will be shown some other sites. As usual I will get many pictures. I am not limited to 34 shots now as I got my new card. Now I can get 154. Still not as many as the newer ones, but lots more than 34.
Looking forward to the outing. The time always flies. And I am getting to know these very nice ladies more each time. There was no problem fitting in.
I am at a standstill with my hubby's portrait. I can't seem to get past the perspective thing. I may have to put it aside and not finish. I'll think about it for awhile.
I'm anxious to see if there will be another art card trade project. Rose said she would be unable to host one. The last one won't be over till the end of the year. I think the 2nd is over in June or July. There are still a few people I would like to make a trade with, even if not thru a project. I admire their art so much. I just know they are so busy already that I haven't approached them about a trade. I have made couple or so side trades with some of the ones in the first project which I wasn't a part of. Also I had a request by an English artist and we made a trade. She does very nice artwork. I haven't had any contact with her lately so will have to make another visit to her site.
I ran errands about noon. Picked up pills, new knobs for the shower, milk, and then came home. Had lunch and that's about all I have gotten done. Almost took a nap but then the day would be gone. Dinner is leftover from last night. A roasted chicken I picked up at Costco.
Well time to do some art instead of writing or reading about it.

Monday, May 21, 2007

My Birthday

Today I wrote my usual yearly birthday poem. It usually pokes fun at how things are going in my life. I also wrote a spiritual one which is something I have been letting sit on the back burner for quite some time.
I tried to post my poem on the Crossway Publications site (I have other poems there), but it has been so long since I visited the site, I can't remember my username or password. I have been looking in my "book of everything computer" and no luck yet. So for now, the poem with just be posted here.
Nothing exciting today. I shopped, came home and took a long nap. Knee was complaining when I woke, and hubby showed up from work shortly after. He brought home a cake for me. So I had my chocolate fix for today.
Later this evening my nephew came by. He brought a large slice of cake that he got from my mom's house. Also brought me a very thoughtful card that pretty much sums up our relationship (friend, aunt, and extra mom). He brought me a gift card from Officemax. Does he know me or what? I love office supply stores. I can spend hours in one.
When he was younger, I took him with me and he loved them too. A lot of his gifts were office supplies. He got them over and over again. He probably could have started his own store at a young age. I think he has outgrown that now. He now is very focused on his job and making advancements in that. He doesn't want to just exist. He wants to prosper and have a rewarding career. He will turn 21 next month and is such a good , nice, capable, dependable, and sweet young man.
Here are my poems:
May 21, 2007

Here it is that dreaded day
My yearly bane, it’s my birthday

I look back with smarter eyes
I’m wizer now, I realize

Seems only yesterday I entered 50
But now sliding forward into 60

Getting older I should not mind
Even tho age can be unkind

The wrinkles come and health says bye
The pounds pile on I don’t know why

The foods I eat, the cokes I drink
The taste so good, the calories stink

There’ll be a time when life is cruel
When I may forget and I may drool

But until then, I’ll do my best
Before I take my final rest

Jeanne Grant
Our Gift

God is my comforter, of that I’m sure
He gave His son who was so pure
To take the burden of all our sins
So our new life we can begin

He suffered pain for you and me
His pain displayed for all to see
Our needs put first and His were last
His death was sealed our future cast

Upon that cross our lives were saved
Our past behind, our future paved
The greatest gift for us to take
A gift we all should not forsake

Jeanne Grant 5-21-07

Sunday, May 20, 2007

The day Before

Tomorrow is my birthday. I usually write a funny poem about my birthday. I haven't been writing any poetry lately so we'll see what develops.

I worked off and on most of the day drawing my husband's diesel truck that he drives. It is for the WC class being taught by Armin. I will be doing a portrait of my husband as he is now. Tired, worn out, in ill health, and dreading each day he has to climb in the truck.

When he was young and chose his career, he was so happy and excited to become a truck driver. His dad, grandfather and brother were truck drivers as were my dad and brother. His dad didn't want him to drive. He knew what it could do to your body riding in that truck so much and working long hours. What he once loved to do and fought to be able to do it, he now hates and wishes he had chosen another path.

Above is the drawing I did of the truck. I still have to transfer it to the good paper with his portrait and then the work begins.

Yesterday I also participated in a photography project "A Day In My Life...May 19, 2007. I was home all day but managed to get 16 photos of things I didn't do and things I did do. It was fun.

Tomorrow I will go to Costco and get two new tires put on my car. If I am going to be taking my car on these plein air outings, I need to replace them. Then all 4 tires will be new.

Friday, May 18, 2007

Friday 12:15 a.m.

It's after midnight. I am still on the computer. Still watching tv. Still looking instead of drawing. Here is aother item for the scavenger hunt that I did at my outing yesterday.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Plein Air Day

I really enjoyed the outing today. Great fun in a nice cool garden. A comical cat from next door moving around like she owned the place. and some good food.

I worked from the front patio after taking about 34 photos. She had several flowering plants. Lillies, double geraniums, a lot of succulent plants, many bird feeders, a nice fish pond with Boston Ferns behind it, and a banana tree plant. It was such a peaceful day sitiing at her patio table sketching and listening to the birds.

As we sat at the table to eat, I noticed a squirrel come under the fence and stand there poised listening for trouble. Of course for that one my camera was full.

I sketched several of the plants and trees, the cat (she got up just as I was finishing), one lily, and two items for the scavenger hunt. I used the cat for the same thing. I needed an ear and of course the cat had one.

One lady moved on down the road a ways, but most stayed either on the front or the back patio.

Here is the banana tree plant I did during the outing.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Plein air outing tomorrow

Tomorrow is the weekly outing with the plein air group. I found a new and cheap chair that is very light weight. Hubby had a fold-up table of the same light material that he wasn't using in his camping gear. And I pared my supplies way down so I can carry them easier. Both the chair and table have carriers with slings. Will have to carry a small ice chest also with potluck stuff. But we will be at a private house in the garden. Hopefully I won't have to walk far from the parking area.

I found out from a lady in the group that she takes a watercolor class. I don't know why, her stuff is beautiful. She asked her teacher if he will take a beginner. He said yes. So in the fall, I will be taking a watercolor class. I hope it doesn't interfere with my Bible study class or my tax classes. I really want to take the watercolor class. I have tried to learn on my own, but it just has not happened.

Hopefully some structured time in a class will help.

My latest scavenger hunt item.

Monday, May 14, 2007


I have been tagged by Marie-Dom. I met her thru the Wetcanvas site in the Scavenger Hunt forum. I have become a fan of hers and check her blogsite regularly. She does beautiful colorful art work but she is too shy to sketch in public. She's also a French teacher which is my favorite language and yearn to speak it with fluency. But my high school French is much too sparse.
I have to list 7 things about myself, unusual, or a habit or things that people don't know and also tag seven others, by posting to their blogs and pointing them back to my blog. Those of you that I tag, I hope you will enjoy this experience.
1. Most people don't know that I have a hair-pulling condition called trichotillomania. I have had it since the 1970s, and it started when I stopped biting my nails.
2. I didn't date until I was almost 18. I dated a friend for 1 month, then met the man I married (32 yrs married now)
3. My paternal grandmother dipped snuff (and my dad still does). Gross and nasty habit.
4. I was never kissed by a boy until I was 17 yrs old.
5. I learned how to butcher a deer when I lived in Oregon. I don't like meat much and it was a disgusting experience. While I was still cutting it, they started cooking part of it.
6. I learned how to write shorthand in high school.
7. I love home cooked pinto beans with cornbread and fried potatoes.
Here are the ones I am tagging (several I wanted to tag, don't have blogs):
1. JoanT
2. IrishRose
3. Phoebecat
4. Polygon

Sunday, May 13, 2007


Today was an uneventful day. Hubby didn't have to work this weekend even tho he was on call. We did make it to church. We have been missing way too many Sundays.
He had to go to work this evening and work all night. Not fun for him at his age. It's hard for his body to adjust to changes like that. Now tomorrow when he gets in, he will have a hard time sleeping. Sometimes the noise from neighbors keep him up and sometimes the dogs won't leave him alone as they missed him. Just like kids, try keeping them quiet when someone wants to sleep.
I plan to go find a new camera card with more memory. Taking pictures at the plein air outings, I want to take as many pictures as I want. Right now I am limited to about 34. If I make a couple mistakes, I don't know how to erase just one or two. I should learn how to do that. But the last time I tried at an outing, I lost all my photos. I did have a card that held 254 but when I used one of those attachments to download, it deleted my whole card and I didn't have my receipt. I even had my computer repair person try to fix it and nothing.
I also need to get some bigger good paper for Armin's class. It is supposed to be no smaller than 14x18 and the only paper I have that size is sketchpad paper. I also need a smaller drawing board to take on the outings with me. The one I have is way too large.

Saturday, May 12, 2007


More pictures taken at the plein air outing.
Today I got ready a couple ATCs that I need to get into the mail. One was a bonus card for someone in the exchange. Her daughter goes for surgery on the 22nd and the card is for her to help cheer her up. The second was one I did for WDE when Valri hosted. I did her dog Mat. I plan to send it to her since it is her dog. The third is a lion face for a friend from work. She requested a lion.
Today I fought my way thru Walmart Store. Everyone there shopping for Mother's Day. Hubby went there a couple hours later and he had a very long wait. I picked up a couple more sketchpads and several more packages of plastic inserts for trading card storage.
We have two motorcycles sitting in our garage and a motorcycle trailer. The bikes get ridden only a few times a year. But...hubby was looking at motorcycles at a grand opening at his favorite cycle chop. And later tonight he ran me off the computer to sit and "play" at the site for the same motorcycle. A new one coming out. He was able to listen to the motorcycle run, spin it around like it was on a lazy susan, and check out the colors.
Just what we need. Something new to sit around with the two motorcycles, motorcycle trailer, and camp trailer costing money for a couple trips of pleasure. I won't even mention the banjo taking up space in the closet that he can't play but wishes he could. Boys and their toys.

Ranch Photo

Here is a photo I took at the ranch during the plein air outing.

Friday, May 11, 2007

Errand Day

I ran some errands today, then picked up some supplies I ordered with the plein air group. Now home and on the computer.

I got an email about the next two outings. Next week will be another private home, and the following one will be to another ranch. I've lived here all my life and it looks like in this month alone I will see more of the countryside than I have in a year. The last one of the month (30th) I will have to miss. I was unable to change my hair appt.

Here is the last of my scavenger hunt items for this hunt. I didn't finish this one but did get a lot of them done. And there is a dog for me to do on the WDE this week hosted by Phoebecat.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Rankin Ranch Outing

Today was my second outing with the plein air group. I drove and it was a curvy road. Not as curvy as the other road but curvy enough. We had a couple wrong turns but eventually got to our destination about 10:30. We took awhile to set up and just as we were ready to start, someone pulled up and said some cattle would soon be coming thru and we should go inside the fence so we wouldn't spook the cattle.

Well who could have predicted a better photo moment. The cow dogs kept them pretty much grouped together. I think one of the cameras rewinding noise caused them to start running. but only one got out of line and took the wrong road.

We painted until about 1:00 pm, then had lunch. After lunch, we had our little critique and then started home. I was home about 3:30 pm. One stop on the way home to the car wash at the local gas station then home for a nap. The dogs didn't let me sleep long and kept bugging me as it was their dinner time. Two dogs ganging up on me makes for difficulty sleeping.

Above is the picture I did at the outing. I didn't finish it there. Came home and added some dry colored pencil to add my darks, then added some pen and ink. Most of the ladies (there were 6 of us) were painting the barns. The other two were doing trees. There were two grey tree squirrels playing tag and they were so silvery looking. I tried to get a photo but by the time I got my camera ready, they had moved on.

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Scavenger Hunt #39

I set up another still life with some of the scavenger hunt items. I may do at least one more group in a still life. Still 4 days left of this one. I have 17 items finished. I should be able to finish this one. I have all the items for it. I haven't done either of the challenges. One is to do a scene or person from memory from the day before. I went to the dog groomer so may try that. Should look really "not" cute.

Tomorrow is the next outing with the plein air group. Haven't heard a thing about any instructions. I don't even know if they are still going. I wish they would let me know. Time is getting short. I sent an email to the lady in charge this morning and haven't heard anything back.

When tax season ended, I gave each of the coworkers I had worked closely with an art card. One lady wanted a lion so I am working on one for her now. I will mail hers. I have one done and plan to do one other and let her choose.

Project finished

I sent off my last 7 art cards today. The cards are off to new homes. We had until the end of the year to finish the project. The last one I did, I finished in two months. This one I tried to take my time. But I decided to finish it off. Just in time before the postage rates are higher.
I have been looking for my Old Masters Project. I changed my desk and packed some things in boxes. Now I can find the drawing I was doing. I know it is here somewhere but where? I have looked and looked and tried to figure out in my mind where it might be. No luck so far. I may have to make a copy and finish the drawing from that. Not my favorite option but better than starting over.
I ran errands today. Came home and had a long nap. Now here I am at 2:30 am and still awake. I have a veterinary appt at 10 so hopefully I will be able to rouse myself in time for that.
Wednesday is the Plein Air outing. It will be my second. Looking forward to it. I even bought a hat to keep the sun off my face. Supposed to be really hot. I hope there are some trees to sit under.
Well time for bed. The dog has already come for me. She goes to bed with her Papa and sleeps for awhile. Then she starts coming in to the office/studio every so often. Then back to bed. About 2-3 am she will get really pesty and won't leave me alone until I go to bed. As soon as I lie down, she goes to sleep and doesn't rouse the rest of the night. She wants all her chicks in the same place so she doesn't have to worry. When we are all in the same spot, she can relax and sleep. I think she worries if I am up that I will either go somewhere without her or eat something she won't get a piece of. The dog dearly loves to eat.

Saturday, May 05, 2007

Purple Grapes

A friend told me she would like to have a picture of some purple grapes for her kitchen. I looked at a lot of pictures of purple grapes on the internet and didn't see anything that appealed to me. Finally I combined ideas from several different pictures to make the one I wanted.

When I first started painting, it was tole painting. I did a lot of mushrooms and fruit. Then I graduated to barns, ducks, and all the other things that one tends to paint when first starting. Now I pretty much stay away from a lot of that stuff. I really did so many, I burned out on them.

But I actually like the grape picture. I didn't know if I would enjoy the process, but it was fun taking different elements and putting them together into one picture.

New Class May 7

A new class is starting May 7 in the Drawing and Sketching Forum at WetCanvas. Being taught by Armin. Here is his website: Wonderful artist. I will be looking forward to the start. I notice many of the Art Card exchange artists are joining in.
I have been slacking in the Scavenger hunt. Seems I didn't get anything done until tonight. During other hunts, I would have been half done by now. I will have to make up for lost time as I didn't do nearly enough on the last one. Sorry to Azulparsnip who hosted.
The Art Association I joined is having a workshop on May 19. That is a few days before my birthday. I think I may take the workshop. Being taught by Deanna Nelson. We will be working on 4" squares. Making her version of art cards. She said the attendees will be working with paint, pencil, computers, and collage. She thought we might want to exchange with others that day. Any way it will be fun to learn something new.

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Mixed seasons.

At the plein air outing last week, the hostess' cat Gypsy had a catnap in the catnip.
Well the day started out warm and pretty hot. I did some errands and made it home around 4 pm. A little while later the wind started blowing very hard and the skies became overcast. No rain so far but the wind is still fierce.
This year the weather has been really crazy. You can't really tell what time of year it is. Just when you think it is spring or summer, the weather takes a turn back toward winter. Makes for a hard decision on selecting clothes for the day.
Some people would be surprised at Bakersfield "costumes". You will see people in sweaters at the oddest times and shorts with sweatshirts even during the winter.
Inside offices the men wear suits and keep the air conditioning going full blast while the women in dresses or shirts and pants have sweaters on to keep warm.
When I worked at a bank, I would forget to take my sweater off when I left the office for lunch. Tell me how weird I looked with a sweater on when I walked out into 108 degree F. Then I would forget to bring back my sweater, and I would freeze the rest of the day. But being Bakersfield born and raised, it is the way I am used to, and a 4-year stay in Oregon made it clear that I don't want it any other way.