Saturday, September 01, 2007

Another hot one

Another sweaty, hot day today. As soon as you get dry from your shower and blow dry your hair, it's wet again. And wet pretty much all day. The dogs don't like to go outside to potty. They lay around with their tongues hanging out. If they get under a fan or the cooler, they get upside down so their bellies get the cool air.
I did some housework. Not much, not enough energy for much. But it was time to change the bedding. Not easy to remake the bed alone when you are on crutches. In frustration, I put them aside. There is not much room on either side of the bed to be walking around with crutches. Barely enough room for a person to walk around.
I forgot to check the WDE images until this morning. Where is my mind lately? Usually I am checking it the night before. I started a graphite of the cat. Just basically a line drawing at the moment. I don't know how detailed I will go. It may stay more a line drawing. Who knows?
I received my ATC of Tripod from Jeanette. She hasn't said if hers arrived or not. Mine is gorgeous. I keep running my finger over it feeling the colored pencil. You can't really see her strokes. It is so soft looking and looks like a printed card.
It's 10:30 and hubby is still not home. He has been at the yard at work cleaning and washing his truck. He was given a new truck and it was filthy inside and out. He can't stand to have a dirty truck. Even after a long tiring day, if his truck is muddy or dusty, he at least hits it with the steam cleaner. He doesn't get paid for the cleaning either. He just wants to be proud of it. And since he often eats in it, he wants it clean.
We got a new Scavenger Hunt list tonight. It is #54. Jo Castillo is the hostess this week. I can't upload any pictures. I just hope it lets me post this.

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