Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Surgery Finally Scheduled

I have my knee replacement surgery on Oct 30, day before our 37th wedding anniversary. At first I thought he was not going to do it. The lady who took me to my room said he wouldn't unless I got my weight down. But after he called my medical doctor, he said ok. I'm ready to get it over with.
I just joined another art card exchange. This one on They had 10 participants the last time. They are letting anyone who didn't get in last time to have first chance. I hope they all get to participate even if there are more than 10. The ones who participated on the last one all seemed to enjoy it. This one is a fall one. I probably won't do Halloween ones but will do ones with something to do with fall.
Between this one and the one on Wetcanvas I should have plenty to keep me busy. I won't have time to worry about surgery. Plus I still need to get my tax classes done. Can you tell how excited those make me? And sorry to say the nurse said I should be good to go for work in January. Drats. There goes that excuse. Now I have to spend my drawing time doing tax classes.

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