Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Bakersfield Museum of Art

Tomorrow is plein air day. We are going to the Bakersfield Museum of Art. The last planned trip there didn't go very well. I showed up early and waited about 45 minutes. No one showed up. I did take a walk thru the grounds in the back and took a few photos. One lady from our group said she showed up about 15 minutes after I left.
Well hopefully tomorrow will turn out better. We will take sack lunches. Some will bring things to share. Hopefully we will have decent weather. Today it was breezy. That would be nice.
Here is a picture of the front of the museum building and one of some canna lillies that I took the last time. I would like to sketch these plants, but it will depend if they are in the sun and whether someone else has the same idea. I don't know if there is enough space to fit more than one in that area. I do need a statue or sculpture for the scavenger hunt so will try to sketch one of those there. I know that there are a few sculptures strewn around the grounds.
I am looking forward to the outing tomorrow. I stayed home today and yesterday to rest my knee. The bad thing is I have several errands to run after the outing. That means I will be in some pain tomorrow night.
Hubby is out of town for work tonight. I'm not sure if he will be back tomorrow night or not. He got some more orders for the vinyl machine. Maybe this will be what we have been looking for.

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Joan said...

Hope you get to do the cala lilies. I love them...they always remind me of Georgia O'Keefe. Have fun!