Thursday, September 06, 2007


Rastus was a pet Doxie who belonged to Bigs/Sue from Wetcanvas. She posted his picture on the Pet ATC project. I believe she said he only lived about 5 months.

Tonight I worked on pet ATCs for the pet project, and one that I completed was Rastus. I did about 5 tonight. Most were graphite. I have 7 more to finish. I have one completed for each of the 10 participants, and some I have completed 2. Those are in the mail or have already been sent. I will try to finish the rest this week.

I had planned to try some different mediums for this art card trade. But as usual, I fell back to my graphite. It is just my thing to do. Why do I fight it? I really like the graphite so why do I always want the color? I guess that is not for me to figure out.

Rastus is done in watercolor. First I did a general sketch in graphite, then added watercolor from pans with a waterbrush. Then added some pen and ink.

I still cannot seem to manage watercolors with a regular brush. I just can't seem to move the paint around the same as I can with a waterbrush. I pretty much mix my paint on the paint in the pots. They get pretty dirty but that just makes more colors. And mine still are not as messy looking as the watercolorists who are using tubes en plein air.


-N- said...

Love that clean yellow against the blue-grey of his head. Rastus came out great! I think your watercolours are coming along really well, although there's certainly nothing wrong with sticking to graphite if you like it best.

"JeanneG" said...

Thanks. I do love the graphite best. It's like my first love. But I still have a longing to see some color.

Joan said...

You did a great job on him with the watercolors and ink!