Tuesday, September 11, 2007


I finished another dog for the pet portrait exhange project tonight in watercolor. Big's Fanta. He is not longer living. In fact both dogs I did for Big's have passed on. But I did her two current babies in the last exchange we had. Besides I think it is so nice to have a remembrance of a passed baby. I am happy that most of the ones the others did for me were my babies who are gone. These I will surely cherish.

Today was not a good day for me. I prepared a vinyl job. It is ready to print now on the vinyl. It is to be a very large one. letters 20' high and the banner length will be 10ft I think. It takes a little prep time on the computer program. The words have to be upside down and backwards on the one screen for them to be the right way on the print screen. Takes a little patience.

I'm having what I think is arthritis in my right shoulder and arm. Hubby thinks it is from the crutches. I am not sure. I just know it is very painful and hard to get comfortable. Still no call from the doctor about my knee. I need to get that settled so that I can get off the crutches.

The plein air outing will be at a private home. We have been there before. It has many things on her patio, and the front entry area. I did a banana tree from the front last time.

Many of the ladies will be walking to a large community pond but I will stay at or near the house and not do any more walking than necessary. There is a very nice neighborhood cat that visits and goes in and outside. Maybe I can convince her/him to settle down to a nap for a sketch. I got a quick one last time.


Joan said...

Lovely job on Fanta. Bigs will love it. Your shoulder is probably bothering you from the crutches. I'm sure they put pressure on muscles and body parts that you don't even think about. Enjoy your outing tomorrow.

Jo Castillo said...

Jeanne, yes, Bigs will love this. Nice job. Take care and have a great day at plein air.