Saturday, September 29, 2007

Where Oh Where is Jo?

I haven't seen a post on Jo Castillo's site for some time. I miss reading about her trials and travels. Have they gotten lost in the desert? Have they eaten one too many burritos and exploded? Have they gotten lost in the new house? Jo "WHERE ARE YOU?"


Jo Castillo said...


Tee hee.... I'm back and probably with too much to say. I hope your surgery is so smooth and you rehab quickly. My sis had hip replacement a few years ago and it made such a difference in her life. For the good, so hope yours goes equally well. I have been thinking of you and reading when I can.

We had too much fun here for the last few days with my friend, Sue.


"JeanneG" said...

At least you know you are missed. Thanks for the wishes.

Katherine said...

Nice to see you back Jo - I followed you here from your blog!

Jo Castillo said...

Hi Katherine, fun to wander around here. I have just not had the time. Thanks again, Jeanne, for the post.