Sunday, September 09, 2007

A foot a day for 30 days

Here are my latest feet sketches for the "Foot a Day" on Wetcanvas. I threw one in of Penny. To do my left foot, I had to sit on the bed. That leg doesn't have the mobility it should. Penny always joins me when I go near the bed. I drew my foot then hers. Then we had a little scrathing of her belly, some kisses, and hugs. Then we both took a nap. Somewhere along the line, Friday joined us.

A friend I have known forever notified me on instant messaging tonight. I ended up calling him and we talked almost an hour. We have known each other since grade school. Our parents were friends before that. Since my hubby also went to the same high school, he also knows Jimmy.

We hadn't talked for years, but it seemed like no time had passed. It is nice to reconnect with old friends. The older you get, the better you realize that. We are connected now thru instant messaging so will keep in touch.


Jo Castillo said...

Great feet! What a small world it is with phones and computers. Such fun.

I found a cousin I had lost.


Joan said...

Jeanne, Nice job on the feet. It will be fun to try and see our own feet from different vantage points. I'll end up sitting in my closet a lot.