Saturday, September 22, 2007

Rain and Rain Clouds

We had rain and rain clouds yesterday. Started out with a long and loud roll of thunder. I got some really good cloud photos. Here are a few.


Katherine said...

Great photos Jeanne. I got much better at clouds drawing plein air after I'd tried getting the hang of them using photos

Ellen said...

Your Birkenstock foot drawing just NAILS it. Good work. Like the photos, too.
What happened? Why the awful crutches?
Hey, I'd take art over taxes any day. How do you keep your eyes from glazing over?
Survivor- which I haven't seen, except while changing channels.....leaving out a bra? Spot on. I'm flat as a pancake (I can even jog- not that I do- without one) and always go without unless my kids (24&26)catch me. Eew, gross, mom. When I wear one, first thing I do when I get home is tear it off.
As far as the other articles of clothing,don't make sense to me, but I guess they make for good TV.

"JeanneG" said...

Thank you both. For several days now we had lots of clouds. Can't seem to help myself. I just have to photo them.

Ellen that's funny. Kids don't like to think about their parents having the essential body parts. I think they see parents as robots. I liked it when I had less on top to deal with.

Joan said...

Great cloud photos...hope you turn them into something super!