Monday, September 03, 2007

Firehorse Australia's Lelo

I got another pet portrait done tonight. Cute little "taco bell" dog. I guess I should get busy and spray the ones I have done so that I can mail them. Before this one, I had two failed attempts at doing a boxer for a friend. He has passed on. They came home from a weekend trip to find him dead.
Hubby has spent the evening trying to cut some vinyl bumper stickers and some race car numbers. I have been staying out of that room. He is threatening to throw the machine out the window. He is not a patient man. The older he gets, the worse his temper is when things don't go his way.
Tomorrow is Labor Day for the U. S. Funny that on Labor Day, we don't labor. We are off of work. So hubby will probably be in his room and getting his blood pressure up while he learns his new hobby/extra job. I will stay in my office/art room and do what I do best.

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Joan said...

Cute job on this little doggie! I like the up close and personal look.