Friday, September 21, 2007

Hateful Crutches

I am not getting along very well with my crutches. Several times a day I feel like tossing them. Several times a day I trip over them. And they are causing pain in my shoulders, arms, and collar bones. Achey kind of hurt. Can't get comfortable even at night. I try to walk without them and before long my whole right side (knee and hip) start having problems. That's all I need is to get that side of me having problems too.

I'm very frustrated today. I have spent about 20 hours on a 6-hour online tax class and didn't pass it. So it doesn't even count toward my license hours. What's really bad, the program doesn't tell you what you missed so that you can learn anything from the test. Very poor system. So I just wasted that time for nothing. And I am going to run out of time to get my 30 hours in. We only have until the end of October.

I would much rather be putting in my time with art. Now every minute I am not spending trying to take the classes for taxes, I feel guilty. That stinks. I enjoy my art and I don't enjoy taxes. Terrible to have to make a choice for taxes.

I did some more foot sketches last night while I sat on the bed watching the new Survivor series. Last night was the beginning of this season. Pretty good last night and some pretty good players. The one I really liked was voted off. He was older and from a southern town and was a chicken farmer nicknamed "Chicken". The younger people just do not like to have older people living with them on these survivor shows. They don't realize that the experience from life is much more important than the socializing that can be done with the others their ages. They aren't on there to party. They need the experiences of having lived life. And they also don't like to have leaders. But without a leader, those groups seem to wander around and accomplish nothing. You know that a chicken farmer has experience in construction of structures. They were trying to build a shelter. He was afraid to exert his experience as that puts you in a "got to get him voted off" mode. They are already complaining about a lady who is probably the oldes female as "the Bible toter". She is host of a religious radio station. That won't go over very well either which is sad.

Another thing I see with this show is the fact that people who have watched this show since it began, still join in and after a few hours complain that it is harder than they expected. Well duh. What part of the former ones did they not believe were real? And the clothes they were wearing.

Almost every new Survivor series, they took all their clothes away except what they had on. One lady complained she had on no bra. Who would go to China and planning to be "surviving" would leave off a bra with even a hint that they would be stuck in these clothes for months. One lady had a cocktail like dress on with no back sling heals. Try running thru a relay with those. The show had to provide everyone with running shoes. She wasn't even able to walk on dirt with the heels.

One other had these weird heavy boots on. She said they weighed about 20 lbs or so each. And they came up to her knees and she had a short skirt on. She is a professional wrestler.

Another had a long dress on. One lady said she didn't do camping. Another said she was from New York and these were not the kind of people she was used to dealing with. Another Duh. So I noticed when they went into the competitions, some of the men were down to boxer shorts and the women down to fancy bras and skimpy undies. For me, I would have had a bathing suit on under my clothes. They seem to be in those a lot on these shows.

So they start out showing their ignorance. What makes us watch these? Because they are entertaining. And that is what the tv is for...entertainment.

I really like Survivor. I will watch it every week. Like some, dislike some. But enjoy the process. And after it is over, wait for the next bunch of naive players to go off to parts unknown with designer clothes and little knowledge to strip down to undies to roll around in the mud for money.


Joan said...

Jeanne - I watched the first Survior in re-runs, but didn't like the way they treated each other so I stopped watching.

I've never been on crutches, and hope I never will. It must make every part of your body sore. I really feel for you, and am praying that when the surgery finally happens, it improves things for you. Keep the faith!

Katherine said...

Jeanne - I feel for you with the crutches - and I feel exactly the same way every time I'm on mine after a bad fall. People who have not used crutches have no idea how much they make your arms and shoulders hurt.

Now - obvious question I know (but I always forget!) - have you taken a look at the adjustments and tried fiddling around with the length of them until you have got them to the best adjustment for you? Usually takes me about two days before I remember that one!!! ;)

I now dub a lot of these shows 'Unreality' shows - as more and more the producers seem to have got involved and 'set up' situations rather than waiting to see what happens. Life is much more interesting than what goes on in TV producers heads!