Thursday, August 03, 2006

Final Boot Update

I finally finished my weekly drawing of the boot. I really did enjoy this assignment. Now I am ready for the next one.

I am getting a new portrait ready to do. This one will be of my other brother. I have yet to do a drawing of Randy that looks like him. I have done several, and they seem to look more like caricatures. I hope that this one looks more like him.

I had lunch with a friend. I met her at a Spanish class about 4 or 5 years ago. We became friends. We meet every so often for lunch and email back and forth. She and her husband are both retired and travel some. I have "seen" several countries thru her eyes and photos.

I ordered the appetizer sampler plate that had several items on it. Baked potato skins, the most delicious onion rings I have ever had, some chicken tenders, and some spinach dip with a few tortilla chips. I had enough left over for dinner tonight. I wasn't really fond of the dip but everything else was very good.
Nothing planned for tomorrow but hubby does get home so I will be cooking. He requested a potato salad. After eating in restaurants all week, he can't wait till he is home to some home cooking.


seastartrue said...

I love your boots. Wonderful job. I am really enjoying seeing what every one is doing on WC hunt, but I am glad I came to you blog because I would miss your other pieces of art.

I forgot to tell you that I really liked your bible.


"JeanneG" said...

Thank you. I enjoy seeing everyone's take on the same subject too. So interesting that one subject could look so many different ways. I am glad you like my blog. Jeanne