Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Nothing new

I sketched while the dogs were outside. I have been going out with them to keep them company. That way they will stay out a little longer. Really peaceful sitting in the backyard in a lawn chair with them playing nearby. If they would just stop having shouting matches with the two dogs next door. Every few minutes one dog on either side will start a ruckus. Then there are 5 dogs all yapping at the same time. Of course they wait until I get all mellow and about asleep, then they start.

I did a sketch of part of the backyard. I showed it to hubby, and he said oh yeah, or mess in the backyard. The plants are geraniums and one spider plant. The flowerbed is raised at about 3 ft. Just about waist high and easy for me to work in since I can't get down on my knees any more.

We also have a tree back there that was only about 1 ft thick 14 years ago when we moved here. It is now about 3 ft thick. And has the most gnarly branches. Several of those branches are as thick as the original trunk. I printed a photo I took of the tree, and one day will be sketching and posting it.

I also did a drawing from a photo playing with color again. It is by no means perfect, but it gave me pleasure to do it. And I am still determined to learn more about putting color into some of my pictures.

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