Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Scaventer Hunt #5

Well I finished the 5th Scavenger Hunt today. I did some shopping. First time I have been out of the house in a week. The dog did pretty good. All she chewed on was the handle cover on my husbands reclining chair. Before I left, I gave her an empty plastic coke bottle to chew on. Hubby said we may have to put up an electric fence in the back yard and try that. It is not supposed to hurt just scare her.

On the way from shopping, I pulled into the parking lot at church and sketched my landscape for my scavenger hunt. I had only 3 items left to do. The church is below the bluffs. They are a grand sight. I didn't have a good view as there were too many trees. But I did get two short views of the bluffs. One had a house and I needed a house also for the hunt.

When I got home, I drew the fir tree out in the front yard. I needed something that grows in the wild. The tree is about 7 ft tall. It started out about 6 inches tall.

We were in Petsmart, the local pet supply store, and they were giving the rooted trees to people. My husband took 2 of them. He babied those trees so much. Finally when they got big enough, he planted the one in the front yard. And put a fence around it to keep out the puppy we had at that time. He has watched that tree like a mother hen watching her chicks.. So proud when it got some new greenery. Well now the trunk is probably 3 inches in diameter. Very sturdy and we saw our first pinecone this year. One day we will probably have to worry about it falling on the house. Since we had no more room for trees, at least ones that will get that big, I gave the second stunted one to the neighbor across the street. I haven't asked so far to see if it is planted and growing.

Hubby called tonight and has a problem with his foot. His foot had been hurting for days. He stepped up on his truck and something popped. He said it felt like a bone broke. Now he can hardly walk and the foot is terribly swelled. Not a good sign since he has diabetes.

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seastartrue said...

Congrat on winning. I'm excited about the list.

Hopefully I can start the hunt tonight.