Sunday, August 27, 2006

Penny in trouble again.

Well today I went to church then to a friend's house for a short visit. I left Penny for about 4 1/2 hrs. She had been doing so good that I was hoping. Well she got into the kitchen and got the mink oil my husband has for his boots. She chewed the cap off and had toenail prints or teeth prints in the wax. But I guess she didn't like the taste of it. And last night I made bean and cheese burritos. I left the tortillas out on the stove with some tongs on top. When I went to put them up, the plastic wrap was in the living room floor and the tongs on the kitchen floor. She ate 9 flour tortillas. And that was after her dinner and breakfast and the bagels. I am afraid this dog is going to get fat if she keeps eating that much. Right now she is just a puppy but later. And she has already been spayed so they usually get a little heavier after that.

Well I work tomorrow 11-3. We will see how she does then. I will have to try to block off the kitchen doorway better.

Here is a picture I did for the scavenger hunt for #25 Something I love.


seastartrue said...

I hope work went well and Penny behaved herself. I really like the sketch you did of her.


"JeanneG" said...

I am so happy she didn't move until I finished. Just as I finished she changed her position completely. Work was ok for work. I like to be at home. Never have wanted a career. Just need the money.

Donna said...

I feel that I'm beginning to get to know you, Jeanne. I stop by to see what you are doing and then what you've BEEN doing. Now I ask HoW are you doing? I hate tired days. But, worse are the days of nuttin. No incentive, no enthusiasm. I think it's called menopause. Rember those days when you LOVED cleaning the house and when that was done there was something else. And these chores were done happily and fast. As if there were something special in the aire...maybe it was energy, enthusiasm, MOJO whatever that is. Then, after all that productivity you wake up in the morning and realize the truth. It's THAT time again. I miss the MOJO Part and the cleaning.

"JeanneG" said...

donna I bypassed the menopause part. Had surgery and it was the best thing I ever did. I just woke up one day and realized I had half the energy I did the day before. I think at my age now, it is about 1/4. Will I make it all the way thru to the end? lol One thing about it, my eyesight is going just as fast so at least I can't see what I don't clean. Jeanne