Sunday, August 13, 2006

The weekend

A quiet weekend. I did my banking then got busy in my home office rearranging. Hubby brought home a small drafting table he got for free. It is in good shape. But, I had to move everything around to fit it in the room. Some things are still in boxes but I am slowly making headway.

I did several more items for the scavenger hunt tonight. I need to get a drawing started that takes my time up. That way I will slow down on the hunt. Don't want to win too often. I am now finished with 17 items. I haven't posted all of them yet. Trying to space my entries out.

The puppy has been on a rampage today. Just a few minutes ago she had a running fit. Breathing really hard and running just as hard and fast as she could go. Bouncing off the bed, the couch, and down the hall. I opened the back door to give her a longer run. She is just so full of energy and no place to let it all out.

Hubby didn't work today so he got a full blown introduction to the mess the puppy can make. Twice I picked up enough stuffing to stuff a small pillow. She really likes to unstuff their toys. I don't know what the thrill is but when I am picking it up, she sits in the middle of it and watches. It was all over the floor from the length of the hall to the living room.
Hubby also saw why I am so worn out every day trying to keep up with her. She is more dog than I probably needed to deal with at my ripe age.

It is such a joy to see the puppy play. When she came to us, she didn't seem to know how to play. She is terrorizing our 5 yr old dog. Friday is finding out what it feels like to be "pestered" 24/7. I have lived with Friday doing the pestering for 5 years. Now she is getting paybacks. But they seem to love each other and are often seen lying side by side sleeping. We had some doubts that they were going to get along. Friday has always been so jealous. But she has come around. Now the new one is terribly jealous and she is heavier and can push her way in whenever we are loving on the other two dogs.

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