Friday, August 18, 2006

My friend Evelyn

I have a friend named Evelyn. I see her only once a year at an annual barbecue. What's funny about that is that she only lives a few hours away from me. But she and her husband travel a lot. I first met her at the barbecue. I met a lot of people there. That was probably in year 2001. I had met another friend Shari at a bookstore. We started talking and talked for a couple hours, exchanged email addresses, and a couple months later started an online friendship.

Eventually we met for lunch and are as close as sisters. We were instantly in tune with each other. We were even finishing each other's sentences. We don't see each other very often but when we do, the conversations flow fast.

Thru Shari I met 3 other close friends. Now the five of us are great, close friends. They had been just the four and friends for many many years, but I fit in with them and now we are a group.

Shari and her husband have a yearly barbecue. It is from Friday-Sunday. They live on a cattle ranch and during the barbecue there are about 15 or more vehicles parked for the weekend. Motorhomes, campers, and even tents. It is a wonderful three days of good eats, good music, and good fun. Everyone brings a dessert and a salad or chips n dips or finger foods.

So far I have only been able to be there on the Saturday they have the barbecue. They have had up to 100 people there off and on during the day. Several of the men are musicians and they have some really good jam sessions. Even a steel guitar there. That is Evelyn's husband. He writes music on a computer. I can't even imagine what that entails but it is nice he can do that while they travel.

I did a drawing of Evelyn from a picture I took of her in May at the barbecue.

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