Monday, August 07, 2006

Productive Day

I did several sketches for the scavenger hunt. Also sketched two geranium leaves.

I have geranium plants in my back yard. I have always wanted to sketch them. I have taken many pictures and looked a many photos on the web. I never have been able to do a drawing of them. They probably are my favorite plant. Low maintenance, green all year round, and they handle the hot weather here and shade. All I have to do is see that they are watered and pinch back the leggy stems. Keep the blooms pulled off when they start to wilt. That's pretty much it.

The person who is probably going to win the scavenger hunt this time sounds like an interesting person. She does tattoos in a shop with some very unusual memorabilia. It will be interesting to see what is on her list for the next scavenger hunt. She only has a few more sketches to do, and we just started this one a day ago. Going very fast. This is the fastest one yet. Everyone who participates has said that the scavenger hunt has really made a difference in their everyday sketching. For me that is very true. I haven't missed a day sketching since I joined WetCanvas. What a wonderful ride it has been.

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