Sunday, August 20, 2006

Play day

Today I spent some time "playing" with colored pencils. I am trying to learn to use colored pencil on portraits. I had read that you don't do your drawing with graphite if you are going to use colored pencil. I found out why. It makes the face look dirty. Not a pretty sight.

I worked on a face and tried different colors trying to find a good mix for flesh. I need some flesh colored pencils. The only ones I have are beige, pink, and peach.
The face I worked on didn't look really good but it did look ok. Especially for my first try.
Last night I drew my aunt and uncle from Texas. He just passed away a couple months ago. My aunt spent a couple years taking care of him. Even when he went to a care facility, she was there from the time she got off work until the morning when she left to get ready for work. Spent every night with him. I imagine she is totally exhausted. Hopefully now she will be able to get some much needed rest.

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