Thursday, August 10, 2006


Another day has come and gone. And another week is about to slide by. Where does the time go? I was talking to a lady at the grocery store about how fast the years go by. No surprise...the older you get, the faster they go by. Seems like you blink and another year gone.

In the Portrait class, the new assignment for the extended week was to do an animal and a landscape. I did my dog Friday who is already red. Great for the mostly reddish pencils. I left it a little rough looking as she is long haired and shedding. Her coat looks a little rough at the moment.. She is a red golden retriever and boy does she retrieve. Anything and everything. You hardly ever see this dog without something in her mouth. She won't even greet you at the door without running for a toy. If she can't find one, anything will do, even a slip of paper.
The landscape was just something out of my head. After looking at the town bluffs yesterday while doing my scavenger hunt landscape, cliffs/bluffs were on the mind. I don't have a clue what I will do to finish it. Or if it will get finished. I just like what is on the paper so far. Don't want to add something and ruin it. I do realize it doesn't look finished tho. Will leave it and see. I haven't posted either to the Portrait thread.
A new class will start on Monday. Teacher will be Mike Seibly. He does graphite pictures. A lot of animals. Very good work. We will all learn something from him.
Hubby will be home tomorrow. Seems like my space is invaded each weekend when he comes home. It is hard when someone gets used to being alone in a house and then is not. Takes a little adjustment. When the out of town work stops, it will probably take a couple weeks to get adjusted again.

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Mary said...

Jeanne you are doing so good with your drawings and your so speedy with the Scavenger Hunt drawings. The WDT draawing looks marveous