Thursday, August 03, 2006

Weekly Drawing Thread

Today I did several sketches. I worked on the weekly drawing for WC. A pair of boots. I am finally in my comfort zone with this reference picture. I am enjoying the relaxing time working with something I am comfortable with.

I found some photos that I am considering for my next portrait. None of the photos are really clear like I would rather have. But hopefully I will be able to deal with the one I choose. I will probably do the one of my hubby's parents. I have drawn them before a couple times and don't look forward to trying again. The photo is small and no way to enlarge it unless I do sketch it. It has been enlarged from the original already and has lost its crisp edges. Any more scanning and enlarging and they will just be a blur.

I took some new pictures of my puppy tonight. They turned out nice, and I will probably do a drawing of her soon. I also "borrowed" a rose from a neighbor as I don't have any roses. Needed one for the scavenger hunt. I have it in a cup on my desk with water, but I need to sketch it soon before it wilts. I don't fancy doing a dead rose. Although that would probably be a new presentation no one else would think of.

Getting towards bedtime. The dogs have finally calmed down for the evening. I so look forward to this time of day when I don't have my extra ear on the alert for any signs that the pup is up to mischief. One good thing about her is she sleeps thru the night. Otherwise I wouldn't be sleeping much. Our golden retriever gets me up about 3 am to go out almost every night. Usually takes me a couple hours to get back to sleep. I hate broken sleep. It's not very restful.

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